Wire wraps can be used to label wires and cables at any time, either before or after termination.

Supplies Wire Wraps


Wire Wraps are easy to use Self-laminating wire wraps for the DuraLabel have a printable white area along one side and a long clear "tail."

Economical labeling machineThe adhesive back makes application of the label onto the wire easy. The clear section of the supply wraps over the top of the printed portion, covering and protecting the label.

Keep your wires and cables organized by marking them with self-laminating wire wraps. Wire wrap supplies for the DuraLabel are economical and easy-to-use. The durable, adhesive-backed supply, along with the automatic cutter, makes DuraLabel perfect for printing wire wraps in multiple sizes.

Economical labeling machine

DuraLabel Pro 300 Printing Wire WrapsThe DuraLabel PRO 300 saves you money when you need to make self-laminating wire and cable wraps. Give us a call today for more information or to order your DuraLabel PRO 300.