Labeling Software & Templates Included With The DuraLabel PRO 300

Software Overview

The DuraLabel PRO 300 gives you software versatility. You can use it with any software you already have on your computer, such as MS Word. It comes with the Industrial Labeling Suite for printing RTK and Arc Flash labels. It also include bar code software and hundreds of templates.

dBest Barcode Software

dBest Barcode Fonts for Windows are TrueType fonts that may be displayed and printed from any Windows product. You have complete control over the actual width and height of each barcode. Barcode languages include:

Symbols & Graphics

Symbols Included With The DuraLabel

The symbols and pictograms included with the DuraLabel are divided into the following categories.

DuraLabel PRO Label and Sign Templates

Examples of DuraLabel Templates

DuraLabel Pro templates provide a quick way to get started using software such as Microsoft Word. Over 500 templates, organized by category and size, are provided for your convenience.

Using Templates: Templates are easy to use: Open a template in Microsoft Word, modify the text or change the symbol, then print your label. It's fast and easy.

RTK PRO Database Software

DuraLabel RTK Software Example ScreenDuraLabel Arc Flash Software Example Screen

The DuraLabel comes with our proprietary RTK label software. This software includes a database providing information on over than 1,700 chemicals. The search feature lets you quickly find a chemical based on either its name or CAS number. Information in the database can be easily modified to customize labels to the materials you use. Additional chemicals may be added.

Labels are printed directly from the software. You can print as many as 99 copies of a label with one click of a button. The software can print both NFPA Diamond labels and color bar labels using the same database.

Flash Label - Arc Flash Database Software

The proprietary arc flash database software included with the DuraLabel provides an easy way to set up, track, organize and print arc flash labels.

Using information from the same database, the software can print in three languages: English, French and Spanish.

Labels can be identified based on the Equipment ID or the BUS number. Die-cut labels are available with either a DANGER or a WARNING header.

The DuraLabel PRO 300 provides a comprehensive set of software and template tools that enhance your productivity and make label and sign creation fast and easy.

Give us a call today at 1-888-326-9244 for more information about how the DuraLabel PRO 300 software can make your label and sign creation easier.