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DLP300 Support - Table of Contents

Troubleshooting, Common Solutions

Before any trouble shooting is done, make sure the Duralabel PRO 300 is connected to your computer correctly. Make sure the settings are correct under the port tab in the printer settings on your computer. To check the ports, open the start menu > settings > printers. Double click on the Graphic Products Duralabel PRO 300. This should open up the printer job list / queue window. Once open, go to the menu bar, click on printer > properties. This should open the properties window. Click on the ports tab. Make sure the correct port is selected. Keep in mind that each USB port may have its own designation depending on how many ports your computer has. (Having 5 USB ports may lead to 5 different ports *USB001 - USB005*) Please check the assigned port name.

For our laptop customers: By default the printer should be connected to the top USB port of the laptop. (USB001)
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Perform a full restart

Although not always necessary, a full restart will fix many errors. To perform a full restart, first turn off the Duralabel PRO 300. Then open the job list window for the Duralabel PRO 300. This may be done by double clicking on the printer icon on the bottom right of the task bar. If no icon is seen, open start menu >> settings >> printers. Double click on the Graphic Products Duralabel PRO 300. This should open up the printer job list / queue as well. Once open, delete all print jobs that have been queued up. The next step is to clear all internal memory within the printer.

Turn the Duralabel PRO 300 off. The printer should remain off for at least 10 seconds to dissipate all internal capacitances which may store charge within the unit. Hold down the button in front of the LED while turning on the printer. Keep holding the button until the LED turns red. Release the button when the LED turns red. The printer should feed tape out during as it resets itself. Once the vinyl feed stops, the reset has been complete and you may resume normal operation.

Part of a label is printed

The printer detects the presence of tapes and the ribbon. The tape detector is located under the tape. It is the green, rectangular shaped component located just in front of the tape guides. Make sure nothing is covering or blocking this sensor. The sensor can be moved to the right and left. Be sure that the sensor is positioned in the middle of the tape path (left to right). If this sensor is no longer functioning, the Duralabel PRO 300 will need servicing.

The printer ribbon detector is located behind the print head. Behind a long horizontal black line should be a small rectangular module with two holes in it. This is the ribbon sensor. Be sure to clear this sensor of any obstructions. If this sensor requires replacement, the Duralabel PRO 300 will require servicing.

Once you have verified that both sensors are not blocked and are clean, perform a full restart.
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Note to Custom DuraLabel Supplies

Certain custom DuraLabel labels may need special settings. Please see the Duralabel PRO 300 User's Guide for print setting tips. If you would like additional assistance, please contact your DuraLabel PRO 300 representative.

Print quality: random speckling

If you notice random dots in your printing, your print head may require cleaning. A good cleaning with the alcohol cotton swab included with your Duralabel PRO 300 may help improve performance. Another factor that may cause speckling is dusty or dirty vinyl. Make sure the vinyl is stored in relatively dust free environment. Dust or dirt particles on the vinyl may interfere with the transferring of ink to the vinyl. Incorrect print settings may also cause speckling in print. Either increase or decrease the darkness and/or print speed settings.
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Print quality: streaking

If you notice streaks on your labels, there are several possibilities.

If the streaks are on the sides of the label, the printer may require servicing as internal parts may have become worn. These parts will need to be replaced.

If the streaking is more centered on the label, the ribbon may require adjustment. If the ribbon is not centered correctly, the tension may be greater on one side of the ribbon. Make sure there is no slack on the ribbon prior to printing. It may also help to slow down the printing and lower darkness setting under printing preferences.
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LED status indicator

The LED on the top of the DuraLabel PRO 300 is used to communicate the status of the printer.

LED is Off - the printer is Off

Turn on the power switch. Check if the green LED is lit on power supply. If it is not lit, the power supply is broken. Check both power connection from the power cord to the power supply and from the power supply to the printer power jack.

LED is Solid Green - the printer is on

No action necessary.

LED is Blinking Green - the printer is paused

Press the feed button to resume printing.

The LED is Blinking Red - the printer is Stopped

Out of label or ribbon Load a roll of label stock, then press the feed button to resume printing. Load a roll of ribbon, then press the feed button to resume printing. If the printer setting is not correct, initialize the printer by performing a full restart.
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