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DuraLabel Pro - The Orange Printer

The DuraLabel PRO is a desktop thermal transfer label and sign printer. It handles a wide variety of jobs ranging from printing small shrink tube wire labels, to making reflective parking lot signs. From pipe markers to hazardous material labels, the DuraLabel PRO gets the job done right... and saves you money. The unique design of the DuraLabel PRO, combined with a wide variety of supplies, results in a machine that can take on most labeling and sign making tasks. You'll have high quality thermal transfer printing, combined with the correct supplies to get the job done right the first time.

The DuraLabel PRO 300 prints in sparkling 300 dpi resolution on vinyl tapes and supplies up to 4" wide. It prints onto DuraLabel supplies to produce highly visible safety labels that can endure outdoor elements and the harsh environments of industrial facilities. Not only does this design make loading supplies fast and easy, it eliminates the potential for feeding problems. Whether 1/8-inch shrink tube is being used or four-inch metallized polyester, it will feed through the DuraLabel PRO with no binding, bending, jamming, or other problems. The straight-through feed path also simplifies the design of DuraLabel PRO.

Want to cut your labeling costs in half?

Because you'll be buying your supplies direct from the manufacturer, DuraLabel PRO supplies cost about half what you'll pay for supplies for comparable machines. You can save 50% on your labeling and sign making costs without sacrificing quality and durability.

What can the DuraLabel PRO 300 Do?

DuraLabel PRO 300 can make labels and signs to meet OSHA and other safety communication requirements. Right-to-Know labeling (RTK) software is included to make over six different styles and sizes of RTK labels. The DuraLabel can make up to four types of arc flash labels and included software makes for easy creation and organization of labels. In addition to danger, warning, caution, and safety notice labels, the DuraLabel PRO 300 can also print reflective traffic control signs and glow in the dark emergency signs.

DuraLabel Pro 300 Label Printer

Connect the DuraLabel PRO 300 to your PC like most standard desktop printers. It is compatible with most common word processors to make designing labels as simple as possible. A library of hundreds of Microsoft Word® and Excel® templates is included so you can quickly make professional-looking labels customized to include needed information and pictograms. The DuraLabel PRO 300 also includes a library of over 125 ANSI and OSHA-recognized industrial and safety symbols to produce safety signs and labels that workers will already be able to understand.